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Analyse. Optimise. Enrich


Milo Doctor started in the year 2018 with the aim

of helping Healthcare institutions reach their full potential through a well - researched marketing strategy both in digital as well as analogue space.
We help Hospitals, not only reach the correct demography of patients but also to promote their presence among selected audiences.
A brainchild of BIT Sindri & IIT ISM Dhanbad Alumni , Milo Doctor aims at creating a Healthcare Ecosystem where all the different components of Healthcare will be available under one roof.

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  • Social Media Enrichment 

  • Healthcare Relationship Management

  • Managing website with inbuild appointment booking facility

  • Data Analysis & Demographic Research

  • Search Engine Optimization 

  • Creating & Managing Exclusive Video Content

Business Consultation
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Checking the news online

Social Media Enrichment

Social networks are crucial sources of Health-related Information, and with the aid of our professional Graphic Designers and Content Writers, we can help enhance the quality of your Social Media pages & increase their outreach.

Social Media Campaigns will be run with specialization-specific content by a dedicated Social Media team on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & Twitter

     Healthcare Relationship


Designated professional Healthcare Executive who will not only follow up with the patients after she/he is discharged from the hospital but will also keeps a tab on their health updates.

It will enable the hospital to not only remain in touch
with the patients who leave their premises but will also give them a feeling of ownness, which may influence them to stay connected to the Hospitals.

Hotline Consultant

Managing Website with Inbuilt Appointment Booking Facility

Milo Doctor will build & manage the website & will also provide the application where patients can book appointments on daily basis through the website.

The Hospitals can check their daily bookings through their personalized Admin Dashboards.

As it’s a pre-booking appointment system, we can assure zero patient dropping. The system not only saves valuable time for the patients & doctors but also aids in streamlining the OPDs.

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Data Analysis &

Demographic Research

Milo Doctor will deploy Healthcare Analytics to leverage data for insights into several areas of operations such as Promotional Activities, Healthcare Services, Understand Demography, Customer Satisfaction, and overall management of the organization.

Business meeting

Search Engine Optimization 

Milo Doctor work towards Optimizing the search engines to increase the visibility of Hospital's website & content.

To create a positive user experience and generate leads from search, Milo Doctor will targets the right keywords related to Hospital.

We also analyze the intent of the user search and develop content that provides solutions for their problems, & create content that meets the needs of users and is optimized for search engines to discover and index it.



Solus, 1st Cross, JC Road, Bengaluru-560027


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Shooting video

Creating & Managing Exclusive Video Content

Milo Doctor team will:

  1. Conduct Video Interviews of Doctors & Management on regular basis.

  2. Plan, Create, Run & Boost Video Ads about New Offers, Updates, and other information.

   3. Create blogs on Surgeries and Procedures, and aesthetically edit them while uploading them on social media.

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